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Regardless of whatever unique path we walk in, some events or situations impact us and SOMETIMES they may impact us more than usual. We start to notice that our psychological, emotional, social/relational, academic, and/or occupational functioning starts deteriorating. Because of this, it is imperative to work through the challenges before they become a BIGGER issue.

As people normally say, "the hardest step is to admit that you have a problem." #SorryButNotSorry, but this is applicable here.

One of the biggest steps in mental health is to be honest with yourself and admit that there is a disruption in your "normal" functioning. Generally, this is difficult considering how most individuals are aware of their actual potential before mental health challenges. That's great and all, but do you want to continue making yourself feel guilty about how you used to handle things or work on ways to improve your technique? 

I have seen people at their lowest or at "rock-bottom" -- doing things that they would have never imagined and their highest -- where previous obstacles feel silly and celebration is in order to accomplish important personal goals. It is not easy. Life is not easy.

As a clinical psychologist and behavior analyst, my job is to help individuals identify and eliminate (nasty and vicious) reoccurring cycles and obstacles that get in the way of having a more productive and meaningful life. Let us develop a working relationship so we can tackle some of the problems that leave you feeling stuck or helpless.